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PPC Advertising

Pay per click (PPC) is currently among the most effective digital marketing strategies.At Dynonex, we offer you professional ad cost-effective PPC advertising services in Pakistan through intelligent bidding so that we can maximize your ROI through better conversion rates.

PPC Management Services

As a leading PPC Management Agency, we have nailed the perfect formula to curate a successful and winning PPC campaign. With our Pay Per Click services, you can end your quest for consistent and controllable traffic, optimize your ad campaigns’ performance, and increase your ROIs. Uplers is your go-to agency for PPC management services.

Drive More Business Through Paid Campaigns

The expert team of Uplers are well-versed with all sorts of paid campaigns and have worked on diverse projects with global brands. Recognised as a leading PPC Agency, we have strategic Paid Social Media Marketers, Google Ads and Bing Ads certified professional teams who understand your business goals – be it brand awareness or lead generation campaign.

We Manage Your PPC Campaigns So You Don't Have To

Stop trying to guess what metrics mean and trying to figure out why your PPC ads aren’t performing
as well as your social media ads. Let us manage your ad campaigns so you can work on other things.

PPC Advertising Winners

No one beats our PPC management services when you look at all of our digital marketing wins. You get results with us.

Campaign Management

Social media or Google Ads (aka Google AdWords), doesn’t matter what platform. We’re a/b testing all your ad campaigns.

Keyword Research + More

We don’t just stop there. We take your PPC campaigns and PPC ads further with our deep expertise.

Our Pricing


$ 70 Month
  • Competitor & Keywords Analysis
  • Campaign setup
  • Listing Suggestions
  • Ads Analytical Report


$ 130 Month
  • Competitor & Keywords Analysis
  • Campaign setup
  • Listing Suggestions
  • Ads Analytical Report


$ 235 Month
  • Competitor & Keywords Analysis
  • Campaign setup
  • Listing Suggestions
  • Ads Analytical Report


As a PPC management agency, we look at all of your accounts and manage every aspect of paid ads on a myriad of channels. We do things like keyword research, A/B testing, brand awareness campaigns, search ads, remarketing, display ads, target audience building, and so much more so that your PPC marketing is top-notch.

As frustrating as it is, the answer is yes, and it is a common tactic. This was justified in a few court cases by well-known brands, in which Google prevailed. Google spokespeople explained the justification by comparing in-person shopping. If you went to a store to purchase a specific brand of shampoo, let’s say, then the store will also show you all of the available shampoos available, not just the one that you are looking for. Similarly, when searches query a brand like yours others should have the opportunity to promote theirs.

There is a bit of good news. Although competitors can BID on your brand name, they may NOT include any of your trademarks in their copy.  If they do, you can ask their ads to be reviewed.

Another term for Google AdWords is Google PPC advertising. This service allows companies to bid on keywords in exchange for the opportunity to have their ads appear in Search engine results.

With the help of Google ads, you can do the following:

  • Make your business visible to the right targeted audiences
  • Control the costs
  • Target the ads
  • Managing the Campaign
  • Measure the success

Google Ads are the most effective way to target your audience.

  • Ad Type
  • Objective
  • Keywords
  • Budget
  • Bidding
  • Target location